The Tre Posti Won! Takes Big Awards at Pebble Beach

Best of show nominee and a first in class for this amazing Ferrari - and you can read all about it in Cavallino 244

Tre Posti – 3 seats, 2 historians, 1 fabulous car – the groundbreaking 1966 Pininfarina 3 seat, rear engined, pioneering supercar. One of the most exotic of Ferraris, s/n 8971 has finished its restoration and is presented here in all its glory. Two different reports: Part 1 by Michael T. Lynch and Part 2 by Alan Boe. With salon color and historical images. The last word on this Pininfarina epic.

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Here’s what else we have for you in 244: Concorso di Modena. 1000 Miglia is back. Amelia Island is back. London Concours is back. Ferrari Tributo is back. 488 GT Modificata. GT races to date. GP races to date. Latest auction results. Latest price evaluations. Guide for to 329 individual Ferrari models, with Years Made, Engine Type, Chassis Range, Model Type (Sport, GT, Production, Speciale), Low End/High End Price Estimate, and Arrows indicating Up or Down Movement. To view it on a regular basis, you must subscribe. Or you can also purchase the August 1 issue.

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