Modena, July 2-4 2021

Live the most exclusive concorso d'eleganza

Concorso di Modena

Welcome to Cavallino

Celebrating the beauty, speed, history and art of the Ferrari marque for 42 years, Cavallino is the destination for all Ferrari collectors and enthusiasts.

the concours d'élegance

“The greatest of automobiles, the finest of people, the most beautiful of settings, the best time of year. The Cavallino Classic!”

The highlight of the event is the concours with vehicles judged on their originality and correctness, hoping to find the best-preserved or restored cars on show.

The globally renowned judging panel is made up of experts from across the USA and Europe, and winning one of the show’s major awards would be a feather in the cap of any Ferrari owner.

the magazine

Cavallino Magazine, the perfect gift for a Ferrari lover!

Firstly issued in September/October 1978, the bimonthly magazine was founded by John Barnes. The cars depicted in the magazine are always indicated with their chassis number, adding an enormous value to it and ensuring the relevance of the magazine itself. For over 40 years of history, Cavallino magazine is the journal completely dedicated to Ferraris!


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Concorso di Modena Exceeds Expectations
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