Blown Away! The Complexity of a Fine Ferrari Model by Amalgam

These extraordinary pieces of art are incredibly complex - and a clever composite photograph shows what goes into building them.
Trying to deliver the feeling for the complexity of the large scale models made by Amalgam Collection is challenging. Statistics like “over 2000 parts” and “around 5000 hours to develop the model” are indeed true and impressive, but they fall short of stirring a visceral feeling of what goes into building these extraordinary pieces of fine model art.
So, inspired by the work of photo artist Fabian Oefner, the team at Amalgam set about creating a composite photograph that would deliver the desired impact directly and powerfully.
Complex as it is, this amazing image does not include all the parts that make up Amalgam’s 1:8 scale Ferrari 250 GTO; this is only around 840 pieces of the total number of 2,132 parts required to build up each model.
Amalgam’s work extends upwards in size and value, even from the crazy heights of obsession and artistry exhibited in the Ferrari 250 GTO at 1:8 scale. Indeed, four foot long 1:4 scale models (of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance) are currently under construction in the UK workshops of Amalgam, each one retailing at around $32,000. On the other hand, if you desire something smaller but equally perfect, and unequivocally the best that money can buy, Amalgam’s benchmark models at 1:18 are available at around $800 USD each.
About Amalgam Collection
Amalgam Collection occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models, fashioning unrivalled examples of the world’s most iconic and luxurious cars at scale. The only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches like Richard Mille, they have developed close partnerships with the world’s most important designers, engineers, drivers and manufacturer brands, not only delivering editions of models for their own internal use, but supplying development models, one-offs and displays of every kind. Every one of the models they make, whether it be for a private collector or a world-famous driver, is the very best they can achieve with no effort or expense spared. They are continually striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship and to create masterpieces of model-making art with enduring value.
Originally founded in 1985, Amalgam focused on creating fine architectural models for the leading British and German architects of the day, particularly Foster & Partners. They also offered product prototyping services, notably creating parts for the very first Dyson vacuum cleaners. Amalgam has been creating fine model cars since 1995, after founder Sandy Copeman approached the Jordan Grand Prix and Williams Formula 1 teams. Ferrari came on board in 1998 and Amalgam has since developed strong and lasting relationships with the most important manufacturers and teams across the world of car manufacturing, motorsport and design. With the precious data from these partners, using skills developed over decades of experience, Amalgam honours their history and their DNA, delivering with passion and taste the authentic spirit of each car.

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