December 9-12, 2021

Cavallino will bring its load of culture and passion for the prancing horse to the UAE.

Cavallino Classic in the UAE

We have selected the dates in order to give Ferrari Owners and fans a unique series of opportunity to visit the Middle East: Cavallino Classic in the UAE will take place just before the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Yas Marina, just after the Jeddah Grand Prix and while Dubai Expo is taking place.

Moreover, in the same week two most famous brands of the classic car world will be present at the same time in the UAE: Cavallino and the 1000 Miglia, with its 1000 Miglia Experience in the UAE.

The Concorso d’Eleganza will take place in one of the most iconic landmark of the UAE. 

December 9-12, 2021

Stay tuned for a great program from December 9th to 12th!