Amalgam Bespoke Models Launched As An Option With New Ferraris

Ferrari Customers are able to replicate their exact specification at 1:8 or 1:12 scale
Amalgam Collection, the world’s leading maker of large-scale model cars for supercar owners and model collectors, has enjoyed a close cooperation with Ferrari since 1998.

Now that partnership has now been taken to a new level of engagement with the launch of a program offering a bespoke Amalgam model as an option for customers ordering a new Ferrari Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, Portofino M, SF90 Stradale or SF90 Spider from their Ferrari Dealership. As new Ferrari cars are launched, the range of bespoke 1:12 models will expand in lock step. Take a look at this video.

Two scales of bespoke model are available for Ferrari customers to choose from when they are specifying their car, Amalgam’s signature scale of 1:8, and now a new departure for Amalgam, the slightly smaller 1:12 scale. Models at both scales will capture every aspect of the customer’s specification in fine detail, fully supported by the design and specification teams at Ferrari.

Amalgam will continue to offer bespoke models directly to customers. Bespoke models at 1:8 of many classic Ferraris, along with all of the modern cars from the F430 to date can be supplied direct from Amalgam. Bespoke models at 1:12 will only be available from Ferrari Dealerships, but Amalgam will be offering Limited Editions of the Ferrari Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, Portofino M, SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider.

Alongside modelling Ferrari’s road cars to extreme levels of detail and accuracy, Amalgam Collection will continue to create 1:8 models of Ferrari F1 cars each year as they have done since 1998, now complemented by 1:18 scale models since 2018.

Visit Amalgam’s website for more information.

Amalgam Collection fashions peerless examples of the world’s most famous and coveted cars at scale. Originally founded in 1985, Amalgam focused on creating fine architectural models for the leading British and German architects of the day, particularly Foster & Partners. It also offered product prototyping services, notably creating parts for the very first Dyson vacuum cleaners. Amalgam has been creating fine model cars since 1995 when it has developed strong and lasting relationships with the world’s most important manufacturers and motorsport teams.

Amalgam models are made using the finest quality casting resins. CAD design, 3D printing and CNC machining are combined with traditional machining and hand working techniques to create the world’s most precise, accurate and faithfully detailed models. It can take over 4000 hours to develop a 1:8 scale prototype. Amalgam adopts a no expense spared policy in producing its models, continually striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship, and to create masterpieces of model-making art with enduring value.

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