A 2021 Message from Canossa Events – Exciting Days Ahead

This annus horribilis has ended, although we have to admit that it also brought us moments of joy and the opportunity to reflect and work on our future.

As you may have heard, we recently acquired Cavallino. Cavallino is the well-known magazine and the biggest and most important event dedicated to the heritage of the Prancing Horse.

We are delighted to welcome John Barnes and his team to the Canossa family, and we have great plans for the years to come.

There’s no need to say that if you are able and keen to travel we would love to welcome you in Palm Beach!

Moreover, from January 11th we are in our new home, immersed in green hills and vineyards, at the border of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park. It lays in the heart of the “Motor Valley”, 30 minutes from Maranello and 20 minutes from the high-speed train station.

If you are passing by, you are invited to stop at Casa Canossa for a good Italian coffee, or -in the warm season- to linger by the pool with a glass of wine! Last but not least, we opened the new division Canossa Lifestyle.

With a great, experienced team, Canossa Lifestyle is dedicated to non-automotive corporate and private events. We know that 2021 won’t be a “normal” year, and that’s why we are planning our new calendar with hope and realism.

But we also know that it can’t rain forever, and that the rain can’t stop our engines.

The Modena Cento Ore, after just four weeks from the opening of the registrations, is already oversubscribed: that’s a clear sign of the unstoppable passion that drives us all!

Buona strada nel 2021! We wish you a clear and fast road ahead in 2021!

Luigi Orlandini, CEO of Canossa Events

Luigi, Maria Chiara, Caterina, Francesca, Claire, Cristina, Tiziana, Federica, Maria, Valentina, Alessia, Michele, Ilaria, Flavia, Chiara, Elena, Ambra, Camilla, Linda, Gloria, Elena, Manuela, Francesca, Elisabetta, Eleonora, Deborah, Aris, Riccardo, Elisa, Enrico, Rossana, Susy, Oxana, Michele, Carlo, Valerio, Daniele, Manuel, Valentina… and John, Alicia, Crista, Noelle, Ellen

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